A team of JP volunteers are committed to regular visits to lock-ups and processing deportees in keeping with our mission to uphold the rights of citizens and supporting peace and justice for our fellow men. 

Lock-Up Visitation Activities:

  • Weekly visits by JPs to Lock-Ups in the Western, Central, and Eastern Police Divisions in Kingston to ensure that the rights of individuals in the Lock-Ups are upheld.
  • After each Lock-Up visit, the visiting Justices submit a report to the Custos who reviews the reports and acts on them accordingly.
  • Cleaning materials are also delivered to the Lock-ups through the efforts of a Justice of the Peace to ensure a clean environment for the inmates.

Deportees' Processing:

Rostered Justices visit the Mobile Reserve on the last Thursdays of each month to ensure the smooth processing of deportees.  There may be unscheduled deportation at times and so Justices will be called upon without notice. Reports of each process are sent to the Office of the Custos.