Hon Steadman A. R. Fuller, CD JP Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of KingstonIt is with a special pride and joy that I welcome you to the official website of both the Lay Magistrates’ Association of Jamaica (Kingston Chapter) and the Custos for the Parish of Kingston. 

I am particularly honoured to be Custos for the Parish of Kingston, the capital of our beautiful Jamaica, and a city which boasts a rich history and an eclectic cultural heritage.  The city is endowed with a natural harbour – Kingston Harbour – one of the largest well protected natural harbours in the world, located on the southeastern coast of Jamaica, borders Kingston, and is the country's major port.; an interesting peninsula, the Palisadoes – a strip of land between 14-16 kilometres long – which joins the town of Port Royal to city Kingston, almost enclosing the Kingston Harbour, and provides the gateway to the Norman Manley International Airport; and the historic town of Port Royal – the former capital city of Jamaica and the home of Sir Henry Morgan, once appointed Governor of the island.

My office and team of Justices of the Peace are deeply committed to supporting the development of this great parish by maintaining peace and harmony in communities and upholding the rights of our citizens.  Effective and efficient communication is critical to this process; and in this regard, we are establishing this website as an important communication medium.  We shall seek to provide important information over time which will empower you to conduct your lives more meaningfully and successfully and pointing you to sources of support in various circumstances.

I invite you to browse the site regularly; provide feedback; and pass on information to your neighbours so that everyone can be equipped with the requisite knowledge to be more informed and worthwhile citizens.

Hon Steadman A. R. Fuller, CD JP
Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of Kingston