It is my distinct pleasure and honour to serve as President of the Lay Magistrates’ Association of Jamaica (LMAJ), Kingston Chapter. I am acutely aware of the enviable record of the Chapter since its inception in 1993, and what it means for the way forward.  We are at a fork in the road, where we can take one direction and rest on our laurels; or, take the other - which will dictate the need for innovation and creativity, in order to take the Chapter to the next level.  We MUST promote the efficacy and relevance of the Chapter! To this end, it behooves us to ramp up our capacity building and make the Chapter more robust to take on the challenges of the future.

In a context where the roles and functions of the Office of the Justice of the Peace are being expanded, coupled with the ever-increasing needs of the citizenry to access the services offered by Justices of the Peace, we must develop appropriate objectives and synchronize them with both the needs of the communities that we serve, and the strategic direction of the Ministry of Justice. 

Over the years, the LMAJ, Kingston Chapter, has, through its partnership with the Custos of Kingston, been devoted to the provision of suitable fora for Justices of the Peace to deliberate, set objectives, and establish suitable plans to ensure continuous training - thereby creating an enabling environment for members to develop and to deliver high-quality services. I urge you all to capitalize on these training opportunities so that you will be equipped to perform with confidence.

The Lay Magistrates’ Association of Jamaica, Kingston Chapter is a noble institution with a rich history, and a track record of providing voluntary service.  Let us continue with this outstanding tradition, whilst espousing the canons of the Office in our service delivery.  You have my fervent commitment to the process of developing and contributing to the historic parish of Kingston and Jamaica - land we love! The Chapter has contributed a lot so far; and under my leadership, we shall focus more on expanding our footprints – reaching out to our communities by engaging and interacting with the People of Kingston. These initiatives include more: Outreach Programmes; Community Development; Mentorship; JP-Police Relations; Health and Back-to-School Fairs; School Visits; Mediation services; inter alia.  Let the journey on the new trajectory begin!

 Lt. Col. (Retired) Euken Mills, JP